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Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebirds are common backyard visitors however they prefer insects and worms will not readily visit a seed feeder. They prefer mealworm feeders.


  • Males have blue on the head, back and wings. They have rufous color on the throat and side of neck with a white belly. 

  • Females are more of a dull blue-gray on the back and head with light rufous sides and chest with a white throat and belly. 

  • Stout dark bill.


  • Insects, fruits. Forages on the ground. 


  • Prefers open woodlands near open areas like parks, fields, yard. 

Preferred Nest:

  • Nests in cavities.

Backyard Birdhouse:

More Facts:

  • Male Eastern Bluebirds will claim a nest box or cavity and brings in nest material. He will flash his blue wings to attract a female. 

  • European Starling and House Sparrows will compete for Eastern Bluebird nest sites. 

Link for more information: Eastern Bluebird

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