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House Finch

House Finches are common visitors to backyard bird feeders. They love black oil sunflower and nyjer seeds.


  • Gray-brown overall with indistinct brown streaks. 

  • Males have reddish color on head, throat and rump. 

  • Small cone shaped bill.


  • Seeds and fruits. forages on the ground. 


  • Prefers human created habitats including buildings, parks, yards.

Preferred Nest:

  • Nests in trees.

Backyard Birdhouse:

More Facts:

  • Some males will have yellow or orange color instead of the typical red color. 

  • House Finches were brought from the Southwest to Long Island as caged birds. In 1940, a small population was released into the wild. They have since spread throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

Link for more information: House Finch

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