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Painted Bunting

Painted Buntings can be backyard visitors through the summer-time. They love sunflower hearts or chips and white millet seeds.


  • Males have a blue head green back and wings, a bright red rump and underparts. 

  • Females have a green head and back with dark green wings and yellow-green underparts.

  • Both sexes have a cone shaped grayish bill.


  • Seeds, insects. Forages on the ground. 


  • Prefers dense shrubby areas. 

Preferred Nest:

  • Nest in shrubs.

Backyard Birdhouse:

  • No, prefers to build its own nest in dense shrubs or thickets.

More Facts:

  • Males are have green feathers like the females for the first year. 

  • Only males sing.

  • They migrate breeding in the South and Central US, they spend winter in Southern Mexico and Central America. 

Link for more information: Painted Bunting 

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