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Smart Bird Feeder Review

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Holy City Birding has been given the opportunity to try and review the Auxco Smart Bird Feeder. My son and I set up the Smart Bird Feeder about 4 weeks ago on a Sunday evening. The entire setup and installation took us about 30 minutes. We charged the camera and installed the feeder on the wooden privacy fence in our Backyard. The camera can be removed from the feeder casing and was super easy to connect to the Bird Lover application on my phone. The feeder comes with an L shaped aluminum mount which we installed on our wooden fence in about 10 minutes. We made sure the solar panel was facing East and able to capture sun light throughout the day. Lastly we filled the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds, some white millet seeds and some dried meal worms.

Surprisingly, we woke up the next morning to find birds already enjoying the new Smart Bird Feeder! I think the larger perch on this bird feeder helped to attract birds sooner than some other feeder types. We have a Bird Buddy feeder and it took serval days before the first bird visitors arrived. In my experience birds typically take some time to get comfortable visiting a new backyard feeder. The Smart Bird Feeder not only attracted birds quickly but has a bunch of great tools to enjoy the birds in your backyard like never before!


The camera has live video feed in 1080p which is very clear and allows you to see the visiting birds super close. The video or live feed also records sound and allows you to hear the birds which is different than other camera bird feeders I have experienced. The camera also takes very good photos, it has a motion sensor that can be turned on and off. The motion sensor will take an image if any motion is detected and sends a message to you through the Bird Lover app. The app has many great features that have all have worked very well. The app allows you to take pictures or videos at any time. There is a bird identification feature that allows you to ask what kind of bird is at the feeder. So far this tool has identified the birds in my backyard correctly every time. Another feature that I have used is the siren button, this is a siren sound that I have used to scare off squirrels. I also have a small dog that loves to chase squirrels so they are not too much of a problem in my yard. The app has few more features including one way talk, share features, history tab and of course tabs to view your captured pictures and videos. The camera comes with a 64 GB memory card and the app offers cloud storage if desired or needed. The solar panel has worked so well that I have not had to charge the feeder since installation, it routinely gets to 100% battery life. I have been very impressed with the performance of this Smart Bird Feeder and I would recommend it for any backyard!


Final Thoughts 


-easy to install

-easy to connect to app

-solar panel charges camera

-large perch is inviting to birds

-camera produces great photos and videos

-64 MB memory card included

-includes a fence/post mount

-includes a tree strap for mounting on a tree

-easy to use Bird Lover App



-no pole mount option (can be mounted to a wooden post, not a pole)

-no hanging mount option


Smart Bird Feeder is $239.99 on*

Auxco offers a 20% discount code: AUXCO20O

*Auxco is an Affiliate Marketing partner

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