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Pitt Street Bridge
Picture of me

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks.”
-John Muir


My name is Charles Donnelly, I am a husband to my beautiful wife and father to 3 wonderful children. I have always loved the outdoors and nature. My interest in birds was discovered during my time as a PGA professional at Bulls Bay Golf Club. I observed a small heron fishing on the edge of a golf course pond. I was curious to know what type of bird it was, upon searching I found a great tool/app called Merlin Bird ID. I entered the size, color, location and the app came up with a Green Heron! This moment sparked my interest and inspired me to learn more about birds. I decided to keep a record of the different birds I had observed and that’s when I found eBird. eBird opened my eyes to a tremendous community of people who share the same fascination for birds including all skill levels and professionals. At this point I was completely captivated and I was looking for birds everywhere. I began to discover the incredible parks and protected areas around Charleston. I started to truly see and appreciate the natural world around us. There is a real peace and happiness when you experience birds in nature. I have found a passion for birds and wish to share it with you!

Happy Birding!


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