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Kids Birding!

Birding continues to be a favorite outdoor activity for all ages. Kids Birding is focused on providing fun & educational ways to get kids excited about BIRDS!

The Kids Birding Club inspires
kids to get outside to look, listen and learn about BIRDS!
Blue Skies
The Kids Birding Club is an at home program that teaches kids a new bird every month and challenges kids to get outside to Look, Listen, & Learn about BIRDS!

What's included:

1) A new Bird Patch every month
12 Bird Patches!

Youth Hat to wear the Patches

Birding Challenges every month
36 Birding Challenges!

Info card about the featured bird
12 Bird Cards!

5) Earn a
Bird Badge other month
6 Bird Badges!

6) A Holy City Birding
Logo Patch

7) A Holy City Birding vinyl Sticker
*Optional Upgrades:

1) A PATCH MAT to display and hold all of the patches & badges!

2) Squirrel Buster Mini BIRD FEEDER 

3) Vortex Bantam HD Youth BINOCULARS 6.5x32
(Lifetime Warranty)

Kid's Birding tools and resources

Below are tools that will help kids find, identify and learn about birds!

Kids Guide to Birds of the Carolinas

Birding Guide Book

There are many great bird identification guides including Sibley, Crossley and Peterson books. I recently found Stan Tekiela's Kid's Bird Guide books. Stan has written a book for most states! The books are easy to navigate and provide a simple format easy for kids to read and understand. 

The Children's Book of Bird Watching

Learn about Birds 

The Children's book of Birdwatching is a wonderful resource to learn about birds. The book includes great information about the science of birds, what they eat, where they nest, and projects you can do to attract them to your yard. 

Vortex Binoculars


There are so many different binoculars to choose from for any age or application. I recommend the new Bantam HD Youth 6.5x32 binoculars from Vortex.

Vortex is a quality optics brand and their products have a

lifetime warranty! 

Red-bellied Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal

Attract Birds to your yard

Attract birds to your backyard with bird feeders, nest boxes and water features. DIY is a great way to get started especially with ideas from the Children's Book of Birdwatching. One of my favorite places to visit for backyard bird feeding is Wild Birds Unlimited. They have a fantastic selection of bird products and an educated staff to help you attract birds to

your backyard!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Merlin ID App

Merlin ID App is an incredible app that helps you identify and learn about birds! The app helps you identify a bird by photo, sound or by entering some simple details like size, color, habitat. It also has a free global bird guide with photos, sounds, maps, and more.

Bird Academy

Bird Academy

Explore the Bird Academy!

They have games for kids of different ages to learn all about birds. Play games that explore flight, song, dance, feathers, and so much more.

(They also have great learning tools for adults!)

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