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My Gear

Celestron TRAILSEEKER ED 10X42

I purchased these binoculars on Amazon for $299 in 2015, the Granite series at that time. They are bright, clear, sturdy and efficient. These binoculars offer a high level of performance at an affordable price. They have been my primary pair of binoculars for the last 7 years and are still is excellent condition. I did have to request a warranty claim due a focusing issue within the first year. Celestron’s customer service was quick and easy, they asked me to send in my pair and sent me a new pair within a couple of weeks. I believe Celestron currently offers a 2 year warranty with a limited lifetime warranty on select products. The latest version of these binoculars is the Trailseeker ED which retails for $389, currently for sale on Amazon for $327. (posted 1/3/2023)

Vortex Optics Razor HD 10X42

I recently purchased the Vortex Optics Razor HD binoculars from B&H. I only had one pair of binoculars and needed a second pair for bird watching tours. In my opinion binoculars are the most important optical equipment when birding so I decided to try a best in class level of binoculars. I gave them a good test on two Christmas Bird Count’s this December and they performed flawlessly with very bright and sharp viewing. The eye reliefs are very comfortable and the lens covers are easy to use. I would certainly recommend these binoculars to any birder. They are pricey but can be found on sale through companies like B&H. Also Vortex Optics offers the industry's best unlimited lifetime warranty, fully transferable, no receipt needed. (Posted 1/4/2023)

Vortex Optics Diamondback HD 16-48X65 (Angled)

I have owned the Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope for a year and I am very pleased with the performance. The scope is easy to use and provides bright views with exceptional clarity. The body is small and manageable to carry in-hand or in a pack when hiking. My previous scope was larger and cumbersome so the smaller size of this scope is a big advantage. The Diamondback model is also very affordable when compared to other spotting scopes. I would highly recommend this spotting scope to any birder. Vortex offers the industry's best unlimited lifetime warranty, fully transferable, no receipt needed. (Posted 1/20/2023)

Nikon D7500 DSLR with Nikon 70-300mm Lens

I purchased this camera and lens in Summer of 2019. They are still my primary camera/lens for all my birding trips. The camera/lens is lightweight and very effective at capturing birds large and small. I previously used a Nikon P900 point and shot camera which has an incredible super zoom capability, however the camera is slow to take the shot and caused me to miss birds. The D7500 has a 51 point autofocus system that is super quick. I can take multiple shots of that foraging Warbler that only allows for a quick view before it disappears. The lens is light and simple to use, the zoom capability and sharpness of the images are both sufficient for any birding trip. I am considering a larger lens with a greater zoom however I do really enjoy the smaller size and ease of use of the 70-300mm VR lens. (Posted 2/23/2023)

GoPro Hero 8

I have owned the GoPro Hero 8 for about a year and a half. I have used to make several videos for birding and plan to implement its use more going forward. It takes superior videos at a high resolution and has top notch stability control. I have used the camera on a chest and hand strap both work very well. I also have the handheld stick which I typically carry on a birding trip. The GoPro does not have zoom capabilities best for birds but the camera does a great job of capturing a full seen in the field. Outside of birding I have used it under water and it has produced incredible footage. GoPro cameras are easy to use, affordable, indestructible, and produce high quality footage. I would certainly recommend this device for any outdoor activities. (Posted 2/24/2023)

KUIU Venture Divide 2000

I purchased this backpack at the end of 2022. I was looking for a serious pack to hold my spotting scope for all day birding trips. It took some effort to find this pack as it is designed for hunters which apparently have very similar day pack needs to birders. The pack has a passthrough pocket in-between the two large pockets that can be unzipped and holds an assembled spotting scope and tripod. The pack is made of quality strong materials so it does have some weight, just over 4 lbs. I typically use the pack for half or full day birding trips that require a spotting scope. It really helps free up my hands to use my binoculars and camera. The pack has great support from a polycarbonate frame sheet and ergonomic foam padding. There is a chest strap and hip belt that help evenly distribute the weight of the pack and contents. I am very pleased with this daypack and I thick it will be my primary pack for many years to come. KUIU has a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of the product. (Posted 2/24/23)

Salomon Men's Outline Mid Gore-tex

I bought these Hiking shoes at the end of 2021. They are by far my favorite hiking shoes! They are waterproof below the mesh areas, super supportive and comfortable for a full day hike. I put them on feel like I can walk through most any terrain. They are comfortable in any temperature, I wear them throughout the year. I wear them for every birding trip short or long and they continue to have incredible durability, they remain my primary hiking shoes. Salomon has a two year warranty which is pretty good for a hiking shoes as most companies offer just a one year warranty. Salomon has upgraded this shoe line so hopefully the newer version has the same superior quality and durability. (Posted 2/24/2023)

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