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Carolina Wren

Carolina Wrens are common backyard visitors however they prefer insects so may not readily visit a seed feeder. They do occasionally eat at suet and meal worm feeders.


  • Carolina wren are reddish-brown overall.

  • They have a bold white eyebrow.

  • They have a long bill and buffy brown colored flanks or sides. 


  • Insects and fruit. Prefers to forage on the ground and along tree trunks & branches.


  • Prefers open woodlands.

Preferred Nest:

  • Nest in cavities.

Backyard Birdhouse:

More Facts:

  • The Carolina Wren is the State bird of South Carolina. 

  • Sexes are similar in appearance.

  • They do not migrate.

Link for more information: Carolina Wren

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